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Prosecutor Princess was a drama that was broadcast by SBS. It ran from March 31, 2010 to May 20, 2010 with a total of 16 episodes

Ma Hye Ri has a very good memory and ability to focus. These qualities allowed her to pass the bar exam with ease. However, she is not an ideal prosecutor as she prefers being fashionable instead of practical and dislikes hard work. Throughout the series, as she struggles with colleagues and difficult cases, Hye Ri becomes an excellent prosecutor.


Actor/Actress Character Special Notes
Kim So Yeon Ma Hye Ri

Junior Prosecutor, Midland Prosecutor's office.

Park Si Hoo Seo In Woo Principal Attorney, Haneul (Sky/Heaven) Law Offices.
Han Jung Soo Yoon Se Joon Chief Prosecutor of Ma Hye-Ri's office
Choi Song Hyun Jin Jeong Seon Hye Ri's senior colleague
Park Jung Ah Jenny Ahn In Woo's friend, international lawyer
Kim Sang Ho Na Joong Seok

Jo Jung Ik/Yoo Geun

Lee Min Seok
Lee Seung Hyeong Cha Myung Soo
Lee Eun Hee Lee Jeong Im
Choi Sung Ho Chae Ji Woon


# Title Artist
1 Fly High 샤이니 (SHINee)
2 Give Me 서인영 & 나인뮤지스 (Seo In Young & Nine Muses)
3 사랑해본 적 있나요 曾經愛過吧 김유경 (Kim Yoo Kyung)
4 Lost AB에비뉴 (한보라) (AB Avenue (Han Bo Ra)
5 Goodbye My Princess? 먼데이 키즈 (Monday Kiz)
6 Who Is 그린카카오 (GreenCacao)
7 She Is A Princess 오준성 (Oh Jin Seong)
8 Working Or Walking 오준성 (Oh Jin Seong)
9 Blue Sky 오준성 (Oh Jin Seong)
10 I Can Do It (검찰청 사람들 檢察廳人們) 오준성 (Oh Jin Seong)
11 Amazoness 오준성 (Oh Jin Seong)
12 Love Waltz (사랑일까 愛) 오준성 (Oh Jin Seong)
13 Love Is You 오준성 (Oh Jin Seong)
14 Burning Heart 오준성 (Oh Jin Seong)
15 기억하니 記得 오준성 (Oh Jin Seong)
16 Only For You 오준성 (Oh Jin Seong)
17 Goodbye My Love 오준성 (Oh Jin Seong)
18 Cooking Sunday 오준성 (Oh Jin Seong)

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